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DSF's partnership with Hewlett Packard and EMPA: an example to follow. The treatment of hazardous waste is an ...
Recycling electronic waste in Africa
The DSF has signed a strategic partnership with Hewlett Packard and EMPA, with a dual objective: protect the populati...
Morocco addresses the recycling of electronic waste
The DSF is developing its e-waste project in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of the Environment.  ...

Kenya analyses the danger of e-waste
A network dedicated to sharing experiences linked to electronic recycling has been set up in Nairobi.   ...
Senegal committed to e-waste project
The SENECLIC unit overseen by the president of Senegal has requested DSF funding for an extensive study.   ...
A case study
The launch of an e-waste recycling unit in Cape Town: setting an example.     With ...


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