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The 79 ACP Group States call for the implementation of the “1% digital solidarity principle“ Print E-mail
Gathered in Khartoum for the 5th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Group of States of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP Group), the 79 member countries express their support for the DSF financial mechanism. Concerned by the serious consequences of the digital divide, they launched an appeal to the developed countries to implement the "1% digital solidarity principle". We reproduce below the extracts from the final Khartoum declaration addressing the digital divide (points 108, 109, 111).

We, Heads of State and Government of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, meeting in our 5th Summit in Khartoum, Republic of Sudan (…), committing ourselves to reducing the digital divide in order to end the marginalization of the ACP States in the Information Society and the management of world affairs:

> "Reiterate our concern of the widening digital divide between ACP States and leading emerging markets, as well as the developed world. We therefore reaffirm our commitment to establishing appropriate national and regional policies, which can help to bridge this divide, and further urge the developed world to support these efforts."

> "Call upon nations, in the spirit of the Geneva Declaration of January 2004 and United Nations Resolution 60/188 of 22 December 2005, for the “1% digital solidarity principle” to be implemented in order to ensure a significant reduction of the digital divide."

> "Urge developed countries, particularly EU Member States, to contribute to a more equitable information society governed by principles of solidarity, by also implementing the “1% digital solidarity principle”."

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