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The DSF finds support in Bucharest and Santo-Domingo Print E-mail
The XIth Summit of the Francophonie adopts a resolution supporting the DSF and its "1% digital solidarity principle". The same success was achieved at the 2nd Meeting of the Culture Ministers of the ACP in Santo-Domingo.

Weighty support was at hand for the Fund on the occasion of the XIth Summit of the Francophonie, held in Bucharest on 28 and 29 September 2006 on the theme "Information technologies in education". The 54 member States of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF) adopted a resolution on the Global Digital Solidarity Fund, whereby the Heads of French-speaking States and Governments made an appeal for voluntary contributions in favour of the DSF.

They also extended support to the "1% digital solidarity principle" aimed at "reducing the digital divide and promoting a fairer and more equitable information society", and they encouraged Governments to consider implementing this financing mechanism on a voluntary basis.

Their strong support to the DSF was founded on a number of arguments. First, they expressed concern for the consequences of the digital divide, "which aggravates the inequality of chances in respect of access and participation to information, knowledge and communication networks, which marginalizing more than 80% of the world population". The OIF’s resolution on the DSF furthermore recalled the importance of promoting a society that is more inclusive, respectful of diversity and willing to share its knowledge to promote sustainable human development. Finally, it testified to the member States’ conviction that the DSF can constitute a useful instrument in the battle against the digital divide, particularly in the field of education and training.

The participants of the Bucharest Summit also welcomed the DSF’s action. They noted "the interest raised by the Global Digital Solidarity Fund, established as new financing mechanism, open to voluntary contributions on the part of all stakeholders committed to the fight against the digital divide, in view of contributing to the development of an information society based on fair play and solidarity". They expressed satisfaction with the progress made by the DSF projects and with their positive impact.

The DSF further received solid support from the member States of the ACP region at the 2nd Meeting of Culture Ministers of the ACP, held in Santo- Domingo on 13 October 2006. In their final resolution, the 79 States of the ACP Group committed to "actively participate to the innovative financing mechanism for the reduction of the digital divide, by implementing the “1% digital solidarity principle” proposed by the DSF".

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