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Kenya analyses the danger of e-waste Print E-mail
A network dedicated to sharing experiences linked to electronic recycling has been set up in Nairobi.
n impact study of e-waste in Kenya was launched in Nairobi in November 2007, at a conference organised by the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANeT) which was attended by over thirty representatives of the business sector, government, civil society and the media. The study will map e-waste volumes in Nairobi, identify stakeholders interested in recycling in the country, analyse the policy environment affecting e-waste and measure the environmental and social impact of e-waste.

KICTANeT has adopted a participatory approach to the study and plans to hold a series of stakeholder workshops. The coordinator, Alice Wanjira, underlined the important relationship between ICTs and the environment, and hopes that this study will significantly improve the sustainable management of electronic waste in Kenya. An e-waste network was also set up, to enable participants to continue to share their experiences and collaborate on this issue.

The head of the DSF e-waste programme, Cissé Kane, said he was impressed by the level of debate at the meeting, and the enthusiasm and interest shown by the participants: “The DSF is very happy to launch this project and we hope it will lead to greater awareness, interest and action from all stakeholders in Kenya. We hope that these achievements will serve as an example in other countries in the region.”

The head of the EMPA project, Mathias Schluep, commented that “the stakeholders were extremely motivated to contribute to the process, which is a very promising sign for finding a sustainable solution to the e-waste problem in Kenya”. He added that the study comes at a time where the ICT sector in Kenya is burgeoning, and the e-waste challenge is firmly on the government agenda. “A number of e-waste initiatives have already been established on the ground, and this study will draw on those experiences.”
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